2019-2020 Inaugural
Police Risk Management Scholarship


    LEIC Use of Force/ Response-to-Resistance Training
    Two-Day De-Escalation/ Decision-Making Curriculum

    in cooperation with
    the University of Tennessee’s Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC)
    and the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police (TACP)

    To be eligible for this scholarship you must be a police officer in an agency that currently has Law Enforcement Liability (LEL) coverage
    through Public Entity Partners

    This scholarship will pay for the registration fee only. The agency will be responsible for any travel or other costs.

    Dates and Locations:

    February 24 & 25Murfreesboro Police Department

    March 2 & 3LEIC - Oak Ridge

    March 9 & 10LEIC - Oak Ridge

    April 6 & 7LEIC - Oak Ridge

    May 4 & 5LEIC - Oak Ridge

    May 11 & 12Murfreesboro Police Department

    June 1 & 2LEIC - Oak Ridge

    Day One
    0800 – 0830 Introductions and course overview
    0830 – 1000 Basic Verbal Skills Refresher
    1000 – 1200 De-escalation Tactics Refresher
    1200 – 1300 Lunch
    1300 – 1700 De-escalation scenarios in use of force simulator
    Virtra Scenarios: Illegal Dumper, Taggers, Probation Officer, Bridge Baby

    Day Two
    0800 – 0900 Decision Making Discussion
    0900 – 1000 Stress scenarios in use of force simulator
    Hogan’s Alley (incorporates taser)
    1000 – 1200 Effects of Stress on Decision Making Discussion
    1200 – 1300 Lunch
    1300 – 1700 Stress scenarios in use of force simulator
    Virtra Scenarios: Vehicle Contact, Red Flags, Traffic Stop

    Scholarship Eligibility Schedule:# of
    Eligible for:

    Agencies with 1-7 Fulltime, Certified Officers1032
    Agencies with 8-15 Fulltime, Certified Officers554
    Agencies with 16-30 Fulltime, Certified Officers408
    Agencies with 31-60 Fulltime, Certified Officers3012
    Agencies with 61 or more Fulltime, Certified Officers15

    Due to the limited nature of the class size and available funding for this scholarship, I agree that if granted a position in a class and for some reason I cannot make it to the class, I will send a substitute or notify Tahtia Mitchell, TMitchell@PEpartners.org,at Public Entity Partners immediately so that the next scholarship applicant can be notified of the availability of the scholarship funds.

       By checking this box I am certifying that I have read, understand and will follow the above guidelines.