Loss Control

A successful loss control program is a combination of elements - loss education, loss prevention and loss reduction. 
  • Loss education teaches the common sense approach to safety and the need to recognize exposures that may be created by actions taken.
  • Loss prevention is the action or policy directed at preventing an accident or injury from occurring.
  • Loss reduction is the action taken to reduce the severity of a loss should an accident or injury occur.

Most losses can be prevented, or at least minimized, with the implementation of a strong loss control program, thus saving insurance dollars and better protecting the safety and welfare of employees and citizens.

Loss control services and activities provided by Public Entity Partners include:

  • Regional and on-site workshops and training programs, which can be designed for a specific group of employees (supervisors, police officers, maintenance personnel, etc.) or for a specific topic (back injuries, trenching safety, police liability, etc.)
  • Reference manuals and special bulletins
  • DVD/Media Training Library that may be reserved at no charge to PE Partner members
  • Grant and Scholarsihp programs to promote risk management education and safety.