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Q. Where is Tennessee’s only large, naturally formed lake located?

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Message from the Chairman
February 2020

Decades ago, when governmental pooling was started in Tennessee, Public Entity Partners’ Board of Directors convened to assist local governments in taking control of their insurance needs. For some who have worked in local government since the 1970s, you may remember what it was like when cities and towns could not get coverage for critical service areas like police and fire.

Governmental pooling was created out of necessity when the commercial insurance market abandoned local governments, but today Public Entity Partners is more than a necessity. Our organization is an innovative partnership with members providing training, consulting, legal hotline services and unparalleled coverage. When we opened our doors in October 1979, it was clear that governmental pooling was the most effective means of controlling risk exposures and paying for claims. However, the success of this organization lies in more than just paying claims — it is our ability to unite local governments in the pursuit of quality service, employee safety and the protection of taxpayer dollars.

I have served on the Board of Directors of Public Entity Partners for many years. I know firsthand the impact this organization has had, not only on the Town of Livingston, but on all of our members. For Public Entity Partners, the guiding principles of integrity, service, trust, stability and professionalism shine through in the programs and services we offer to members. Organizations like Public Entity Partners are one of the ways that cities, towns and local governments in Tennessee are bound together — committed to providing the highest level of service to the citizens and taxpayers of our great state.

Having just celebrated our 40th anniversary, we are excited to embark on the next 40 years of serving our membership with a fresh perspective. Earlier this week, we shared that Dawn Crawford, our president / CEO since 2010, came to a mutual agreement with our Board of Directors for early retirement. Charles DeMore has been named president / CEO by the board and is picking up the torch to lead our organization through this period of transition.

Also, on Feb. 21, the Board of Directors met in a regularly scheduled meeting to review and declare a dividend to return to members for renewals beginning July 1, 2020. The dividend program is a key financial benefit to members. When you outperform actuarial projections, any excess funds are returned directly to you — not to outside stockholders. For the 2020 / 2021 fund year, a dividend of $14,000,000 will be returned to you. Over the next several weeks, we will also share base rate changes that will be effective for renewals beginning July 1, 2020.

Serving as mayor of the Town of Livingston has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Livingston offers the true, small hometown atmosphere that so many of us love. Our core values are family, truth and togetherness, and our town square symbolizes that our community is united and working toward a common goal. We have always been a community that works hard and binds together, because we understand, as a community, we are stronger together.

I know that many of our members share a similar sense of pride and responsibility for their own home community. Thank you for your commitment to safety, risk management and the partnership that local governments throughout the State of Tennessee have grown to depend upon. I look forward to strengthening our partnership in order to best serve the citizens of our great state.


William Curtis Hayes, Jr. signature
William Curtis Hayes, Jr.
Chairman of the Board


We’ve Moved!

Public Entity Partners’ corporate headquarters has moved.

Please note our new address:
Public Entity Partners
562 Franklin Road, Suite 200
Franklin, TN 37069

If you are sending underwriting applications, claims correspondence, or other updates and information, please use our new mailing address. All mail has been forwarded through the post office, but if you experience a delayed response on something you have mailed, please reach out to our office so that we can assist you.

For invoice payments, please continue to use the address provided on your invoice. Our bank provides a secured payment lockbox.

Public Entity Partners — Payments
PO Box 116553
Atlanta, GA 30368-6553

Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same.

800.624.9698 (office phone)
615.371.0049 (office phone)
615.377.3067 (main fax line)


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Spring Member Workshops

Be sure to register for this spring’s Member Workshops, the first of which will be held March 10 at Public Entity Partners' new headquarters in Franklin. Workshop sessions will cover critical steps in the risk management process, methods for protecting yourself against modern risks and best practices for defending against employment cases.

SHRM Recertification Provider 2020

Note: All workshops are approved for 4.5 hours of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) credit and 5 hours of CMFO (Certified Municipal Finance Officer) credit hours in the financial category.

Dates / Locations:


March 10th
Public Entity Partners' Training Room

562 Franklin Road
Suite 200
Franklin, TN 37069

March 11th
City of Algood – City Hall

215 West Main Street
Algood, TN 38506

March 17th
City of Martin – Police Department

732 North Lindell Street
Martin, TN 38237

March 18th
City of Bartlett

Bartlett Station Municipal Center
5868 Stage Road
Bartlett, TN 38134

March 24th
Greeneville City Schools

West Entrance
129 West Depot Street
Greeneville, TN 37743

March 25th
Madison Insurance Group

800 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

March 26th
City of Collegedale

4910 Swinyar Drive
Collegedale, TN 37315


8:30 a.m. Onsite Registration / Welcome
9:00 a.m. The Critical Step in the Risk Management Process: Connecting Best Practices to Your
Premium Modifiers
10:00 a.m. Helping Members Protect Themselves against Modern Risks
12:00 p.m. Lunch
12:30 p.m. Defending Employment Cases — Pitfalls and Pratfalls
2:00 p.m. Wrap-up

Workshop Sessions:

Loss Control: The Critical Step in the Risk Management Process: Connecting Best Practices to Your Premium Modifiers

Establishing effective loss control practices designed to keep employees safe, reduce exposure to third-party liability, and conserve a public entity’s assets and real property are essential steps in the risk management process. Following best practices — and continually refining those practices and approaches — is critical to ensuring that your entity is being a good steward of the public’s finances, assets and trust.

This session will outline an approach to refining best practices, then draw a correlation from how your entity works and communicates with PE Partners’ loss control department to your annual premium contributions. Your commitment to refining your best practices factors significantly into how much premium your entity pays into the risk management pool each year.

Instructors: Public Entity Partners’ Casualty Loss Control Consultants

  • Judy Housley — East Tennessee
  • Chester Darden — Middle Tennessee
  • Paul Chambliss — West Tennessee

Underwriting: Helping Members Protect Themselves against Modern Risks

The underwriting training program will be aimed at helping members protect themselves financially against modern risks. This presentation will assist attendees with annual insurance renewal applications, obtaining appropriate coverage at the most reasonable cost, and properly valuing property to ensure adequate coverage. This program will also help increase attendees’ understanding of cyber risks currently facing municipal governments, the limits of municipal authority and common issues with service contracts.

Instructors: Public Entity Partners’ Underwriting Staff

  • Jim Bell Hatchell — East Tennessee
  • Anthony Roman — Middle Tennessee
  • Janine Helton — West Tennessee

Employment Practices Liability: Defending Employment Cases — Pitfalls and Pratfalls

This section of the workshop will take an in-depth look at how employers can help employment cases run smoothly, and provide a comprehensive examination of the dos and don’ts of dealing with an employment claim.


  • Ben Lauderback and Emily Cleveland with Watson, Roach, Rowell & Lauderback — East Tennessee
  • Sarah Mathews and Austin Simmons with Farrar & Bates — Middle Tennessee
  • John Burleson with Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell — West Tennessee

Registration: Call or email Heather Hughes.   800.624.9698

For questions about the workshop, please contact
Heather Hughes or Callie Westerfield.

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Police Risk Management Scholarship

Additional classes are now available for the two-day Use of Force / Response to Resistance training that qualifies for the Public Entity Partners Police Risk Management Scholarship. This class offers law enforcement officers the opportunity to review key skills designed to de-escalate possible exchanges with the public and aid in some of the complex decisions that must be made by law enforcement professionals.

The curriculum was developed by the Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) through the University of Tennessee and qualifies for 16 hours of POST credit.

  Law Enforcement De-escalation and Response to Resistance Training

The scholarship and classes are offered in cooperation with

Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center Institute for Public Service

Classes are scheduled for:

LEIC Building in Oak Ridge

March 2 & 3

LEIC Building in Oak Ridge

March 9 & 10

LEIC Building in Oak Ridge

April 6 & 7

LEIC Building in Oak Ridge

May 4 & 5

Murfreesboro Police Department

May 11 & 12

LEIC Building in Oak Ridge

June 1 & 2

Public Entity Partners is also working to schedule two classes in West Tennessee.

To register for any of the available classes or view an overview of the curriculum, visit the Police Risk Management Scholarship page on our website. Available classes and funding for this scholarship program are limited.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a police officer in an agency that currently has Law Enforcement Liability (LEL) coverage through Public Entity Partners. The scholarship will pay for the registration fee, but travel costs will be the responsibility of the agency.

The number of scholarships your entity is eligible for is dependent on the number of full-time, certified offers within your agency.

Law Enforcement De-escalation and Response to Resistance Training


Scholarship Eligibility Schedule:

Number of Full-Time, Certified Officers

Annual Scholarship Eligibility

1-7 Full-Time, Certified Officers


8-15 Full-Time, Certified Officers


16-30 Full-Time, Certified Officers


31-60 Full-Time, Certified Officers


61 or more Full-Time, Certified Officers



For questions about the scholarship, available classes or eligibility, please contact:

Michael Fann
Director of Loss Control

Tahtia Mitchell
Executive Assistant


“The City of Waynesboro has a small police department with limited resources, but strives to provide the best possible service to our citizens and visitors. The opportunity to attend advanced training provided by Public Entity Partners allows our officers to obtain knowledge and acquire a much deeper understanding of how to handle and control very complex situations. It also provides them the ability to share the information they learn with others in the department. Any time a situation can be resolved without having to use force, it is beneficial for the officer, the individual involved, the city and its citizens.”


John Hickman, CMFO
City Manager, City of Waynesboro

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Virtual Academy Supplement Program for Law Enforcement Agencies

Public Entity Partners has a new value-added service for our members with police departments. In January, we began providing a supplement that helps to offset the cost of Virtual Academy, an online training platform designed specifically for law enforcement. Any of our members with Law Enforcement Liability coverage are eligible for this benefit.

This supplement program is structured so that smaller members get a larger supplement, providing a greater incentive for subscribing to the online training platform. For example, members with 15 or fewer officers insured with Public Entity Partners are afforded a 66.7% supplement for the Virtual Academy subscription.

Officers Covered by PE Partners’ LEL
31 or more officers insured
16 to 30 officers insured
15 or fewer officers insured

Subscription Supplement

Many of our covered police agencies are already subscribers to the Virtual Academy training program. For those agencies, you will simply see a price reduction in your renewal invoice that comes from Virtual Academy.

We encourage agencies that do not subscribe to this training to do so. Visit Virtual Academy’s website to view the platform. A listing of available online training courses can be viewed here.

As you know, federal and state case law has greatly impacted the way that law enforcement agencies work. Police departments of all sizes have impacted case law in Tennessee. Providing high-quality and timely training to police departments is vital for reducing liability, delivering the best service to citizens and protecting law enforcement professionals.

Law Enforcement Liability is a high-risk area for our members, as well as local governments across the nation. Our organization has worked hand-in-hand with police agencies to encourage professionalism in law enforcement.

Examples of this include:

  • Our work supporting the Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation (TLEA) program
  • Providing a law enforcement liability premium discount to agencies that achieve CALEA or TLEA accreditation
  • Teaching new recruits at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy
  • Providing POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training)-approved courses through Local Government Risk Academy and annual Risk & Insurance Symposium
  • Partnering with members to provide quality law enforcement liability coverage, while also working to reduce claims and lawsuits through best practice recommendations

If you have questions about the supplement program or any of the ways we strive to support Tennessee’s law enforcement agencies, please contact your regional casualty loss control consultant.

East Tennessee
Judy Housley

Middle Tennessee
Chester Darden

West Tennessee
Paul Chambliss

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Coverage Corner — Renewal Applications

Providing the right coverage for your organization is important to us. Public Entity Partners’ underwriting department analyzes our coverage documents on an annual basis to determine areas where we can provide better coverage, tweak any ambiguities or fill a need expressed by our members. Any recommendations on coverage changes are then reviewed by our board of directors, and changes to our policy documents are implemented at the start of each fiscal year for renewals occurring on or after July 1.

Since insurance is a contract, we frequently stress the importance of understanding your coverage document and all schedules and endorsements. Reading the insuring agreements and actively making choices about how your coverage is structured are key factors in obtaining the best coverage for your organization.

PE Partners typically sends renewal applications to you or your local agent four months prior to your renewal date. In order to provide you with any needed quotes for deductibles or limits, your renewal applications need to be submitted to our underwriting department 45 days prior to the effective date on your policy. Any changes in limits, deductibles or optional coverages may not be possible at renewal if applications are received after that time.

Additional copies of your applications can be obtained by contacting:
Anna Mai
Underwriting Clerk

For your next renewal after July 1, 2020, you will notice some changes to our application, which has been streamlined and is easier to understand. If you have any questions about your application or the renewal process, please contact your regional underwriter.

East Tennessee
Jim Bell Hatchel

Middle Tennessee
Anthony Roman

West Tennessee
Janine Helton

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Online Portal Safety Talks

Did you know that Public Entity Partners’ online portal allows you to do more than just file claims or review claims information? Our portal also contains loss control guidelines and resources, as well as safety talks. Safety talks can be used for brief toolbox talks or roll call training sessions, and serve as great reminders of the importance of following proper procedures.

Since safety is everyone’s responsibility, it is important to maintain top-of-mind awareness among all employees in order to prevent on-the-job injuries. Because there are numerous inherent dangers involved in local government jobs, a quick safety talk could mean the difference between an injury-free shift and a trip to the emergency room.

Some of the available safety talk topics include:

  • Arc Welding and Electrical Hazards Biohazard Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Chain Saws
  • Cold Weather
  • Confined Space
  • Hazard Communication Standard: Labels and Pictograms
  • Hazard Communication Standard: Safety Data Sheets
  • Lockout / Tagout
  • Personal Protective Equipment OSHA Fact Sheet
  • Work Zone Safety

If you have not signed up for the Public Entity Partners online portal, please reach out to your member services representative for more information or visit our website.

Wayne Anderson

Callie Westerfield

Celeste Taylor

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Tennessee Trivia

Q: Where is Tennessee’s only large, naturally formed lake located?

A: Reelfoot Lake is located in Tiptonville, Tennessee, and was created by the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes. During January and February each year, the 15,000-acre lake is home to thousands of American bald eagles.