Celebrating 35 Years of Serving Municipal Entities
Public Entity Partners’s mission is to provide our members with the very best in risk management products and services with absolute integrity. For the past 35 years, Public Entity Partners has been driven by this mission and continues to provide a stable and viable municipal insurance market in Tennessee. The success of Public Entity Partners can largely be attributed to the commitment of its members to a philosophy of safety and risk management.
In the wake of the volatile insurance market of the 1970s, many cities found themselves being charged unaffordable premiums or unable to obtain insurance at all. Public Entity Partners was created to be a wholly owned and professionally operated nonprofit, risk-sharing pool. The board of directors is thoroughly dedicated to the task of safeguarding taxpayer resources.  Public Entity Partners’s premiums are unique to the entity and are soundly based on actuarial principles, not subject to “just reducing the price to get the business.” During insurance market cycles, major carriers jump in and out of the public entity arena. One constant you can count on is that YOUR Public Entity Partner is here and here to stay.
Public Entity Partners currently insures around 90 percent of the municipalities in the state of Tennessee, as well as numerous other municipal entities. Through this partnership, a tradition of providing the best services and coverages at a consistently stable and affordable cost has been established. Public Entity Partners knows the importance of trust. One thing we will always do is provide fair and defensible pricing. Once renewal numbers or quotes are issued, they are fair and consistent with the pricing model used for all other members of Public Entity Partners. We will not play games to buy or retain the business. Our history reveals these facts and is evidenced by the market share we maintain. Please know we very much appreciate your trust and will do nothing to breach that.
A number of free access services and programs that set us apart include on-site and online training, an expansive DVD training library, safety grants and scholarships, property valuations, a legal hotline program, a disaster recovery assistance program, litigation management, bill review, all lines 24/7 online and telephone claims filing, and 24/7 online access to claims data — and the list goes on.
The successful partnership has led to an Annual Dividend Program that has returned an average of $4.9 million a year in excess surplus to the membership. With the 2015-2016 upcoming policy period dividend of $2.5 million, that puts the total return to Tennessee cities, towns and related agencies at just under $98 million over the past 20 years. The success of the dividend program can be attributed to the risk management and loss control philosophy that not only saves on insurance premiums, but helps each member better protect the safety and welfare of its employees and taxpaying citizens. 
Come see us in our booth at TML’s Annual Conference. Also, be sure to join us at our celebrated “PE Partner Party” on Monday night, June 8, 2015. This event, with the talented “Burning Las Vegas,” will be held in the West-Center Ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel, Lobby Level from 6:30-11:00 p.m. Be sure to join us for food, fun, fellowship — and of course, dancing!
Thank you for celebrating our 35 years together.
See you soon,

Dawn Crawford