Disaster Assistance and Recovery Program


Have you thought about what would happen if a disaster hits?

Do you know where you would get gasoline to power chain saws for clearing road debris? Do you have the equipment you need to pull citizens from damaged buildings? Where would you set up a command center or temporary office if a tornado ripped through your city hall or police station? While most local governments think of disaster recovery in terms of public safety, they don’t consider what they would do if city hall were damaged and couldn’t be occupied for an extended period of time.

Did you know that when you purchase your property coverage through Public Entity Partners, you are provided with an Agility Recovery membership? One component of your disaster recovery plan can be the services provided through this free membership. Your complete disaster recovery plan can be stored in the myAgility platform.


Agility Recovery membership provides access to:

  • Pre-disaster planning tools through the myAgility platform and mobile application
  • Mobile office recovery solutions
  • Backup communications
  • Emergency computer hardware
  • Backup power and generators


The myAgility Planning Platform

The myAgility Platform allows Public Entity Partners’s members to store, view and update pertinent recovery planning information using a secure, password protected Web portal.

With the myAgility platform, PE Partner members can:

  • Send alerts and notifications to employees, customers and more via email or text
  • Upload and store critical documents such as insurance policies, product warranties, data backup procedures and more
  • Specify resource needs at the time of recovery
  • Develop an internal communication strategy
  • Input, update and store fixed-asset inventory information


Office Space

If your facility is damaged and you need temporary office space, your Agility Recovery membership provides access to a fully independent mobile recovery unit that can be deployed in 48 hours or less. These units are 100 percent self-sufficient, regardless of the condition of your local infrastructure, and can function as office space, even if local communications and power are interrupted. They include all interior furnishings, restrooms, and the necessary IT equipment to ensure all your employees can return to work uninterrupted.

Backup Power

Sixty to seventy percent of all disasters to which Agility Recovery responds involve power recovery. Agility Recovery provides access to generators from 20 kW up to 2 MW, along with consistent maintenance and guaranteed access to fuel. In the event of a disaster, backup power for key facilities provides more than just the ability to get back to work. It can help ensure that your emergency shelter is heated or cooled, or that your response team has a place to take a break. The membership provides more than just access to generators — Agility Recovery can also answer all your emergency power questions.


During a disaster or emergency, your phone and Internet connections are usually two of the first things to be affected. Agility Recovery can help you get your office back up and running to answer calls, update your website, or communicate with vendors through satellites using two redundant teleports. When available, Agility can also provide low-cost, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi capabilities through cellular carriers.

Computer / IT Equipment

As an Agility Recovery member, you have access to over $40 million of IT hardware and infrastructure elements. In the event of a disaster, Agility Recovery will quick-ship the office IT equipment needed for whatever recovery scenario you have, including switches, routers, and multifunction copy/print/scan devices. Transportation costs for delivery and return of the equipment are the only costs incurred by members who utilize Agility Recovery’s IT equipment.

Agility Employs a multitude of means to speed recovery time, including:

  • Intel-based dual-core processor desktop PCs with 4 GB RAM and 120 GB hard drive
  • Intel servers configured with 2x quad-core processor, 8-16 GB RAM, 300-500 GB hard drive, and 2 GB Ethernet ports (upon deployment, servers will have the operating system pre-loaded)
  • Multifunction printers
  • Tape drives, switches, routers, etc.
  • Custom shipping containers (allows for quick deployment, safe handling, and reduces “box” management on site)
  • Multiple delivery options (Agility works directly with members to determine timeframes and delivery speed, utilizing access to multiple delivery partners)

Agility membership is provided free-of-charge to members who purchase property coverage from Public Entity Partners. Please reach out to Member Services to learn more about this program.