EHS Hero / HR Hero

As a member of Public Entity Partners, you have access to two of the most valuable resources available for training available today. 

EHS Hero allows safety professionals to have access to create a complete safety plan for the year, or to find resources for incident specific necessary training.  In addition, it allows you to keep up with the most current state and federal regulations.

HR Hero, an HR compliance solution, includes many time-saving solutions for your Human Resources needs from federal and state employment law analysis and time saving training assets, to creating a fully customizable personnel handbook from concept to completion.

If you are ready to see how these programs can help you, talk to your Member Services Representative, or simply login to your EHS Hero or HR Hero account by clicking below.  

EHS Hero

  • Industry Specific Safety Plan Builder
  • Regulatory Activity Review
  • SDS Search
  • Safety Training Resources
  • Weekly Regulatory Updates Broken Down By State/Federal


HR Hero

  • Employee Handbook Builder
  • HR Training Resources
  • Job Classification & FLSA Audit
  • Job Description Builder/Manager
  • Salary Finder
  • COVID-19 Employer's Guide
  • HR Hotline
  • Weekly Regulatory Updates Broken Down By State/Federal


If you would like access to these resources or a FREE Training Session, please contact:

Heather Hughes

Communications & Research Specialist