Webinar - Being A Diversity and Inclusion Change Agent

Speaker: Mauricio Velasquez 

Webinar Date: Wednesday, February 24th at 1:30pm CST/ 2:30pm EST

Session Description: If you missed the webinar by Mauricio Velasquez in August 2020, make sure you add this webinar to your calendar.  Being a Diversity and Inclusion Change Agent is an engaging presentation, designed to make participants more aware of ways to address employment practices liability concerns.  Have you asked yourself what it means to be a Change Agent?  Do you know what skills, tools and methods you can use as a change agent? This session is a follow up session to the Diversity Today: Being More Inclusive Tomorrow webinar that was hosted in August of 2020.  Mauricio serves as President of The Diversity Training Group and is a diversity and inclusion strategist, consultant, and trainer.