Calling All Grant Award Recipients- Timeline Ending Soon!

  • Author | Tahtia Mitchell
  • 3/7/2024 11:00 am

Important Notification:  The deadline for submitting reimbursement paperwork for approved funding is fast approaching. If you have been approved for funding for the grant programs listed below, be sure to submit your reimbursement receipts as soon as possible before April 1, 2024.

Reimbursement paperwork is required for these programs:


·       Cyber Security Grant

·       James L. Richardson Driver Grant

·       Property Conservation Grant

·       Safety Partners Grant

If you are unable to submit all reimbursement receipts, please complete the “Release of Funding” form as soon as possible. Submitting this form allows Public Entity Partners to better serve all members on the “pending” status list with receipts that are ready to be processed.




·       “Notification of Approval” letter

·       Signed Resolution/Motion

·       Coversheet listing description of items purchased, quantities and the total of all purchased items.

        *All receipts must follow in the order listed on the cover sheet.

·       Two documents proving payment, which must include the following:

o   Copy of canceled check or credit card receipt

o   Copy of invoice OR purchase order (serving as the backup to the canceled check or credit card receipt). Reimbursement will not be provided if invoices alone are submitted.


Reimbursement documentation and/or questions regarding our Grant Programs may be sent to:


Tahtia Mitchell

Grant & Scholarship Program
Email: or Fax: 615-371-9212