Law Enforcement

Virtual Academy

By  Halie Gallik | 1/6/2021 3:30 pm

One year ago, Public Entity Partners began a partnership with Virtual Academy to provide a subscription supplement for law enforcement-specific online training. Virtual Academy provides high-quality, engaging training with nationally recognized experts, and the platform allows law enforcement agencies to easily manage, track and create training records and department files. PE Partners’ subscription supplement programs will cover 66% of the cost for law enforcement agencies with 1 - 15 officers, 50% of the cost for agencies with 16 - 30 officers, and 25% of the cost for agencies with 31 or more officers. Over the past year, PE Partners’ members with law enforcement agencies saved almost $76,000 as a result of this subscription supplement program.


Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation Program

12/7/2020 4:00 pm

It is no secret that Public Entity Partners encourages and supports professional standards. The Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation (TLEA) Program, created under the authority of the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police (TACP), sets professional standards and focuses on professional accountability, management and operations for law enforcement. Earlier this week, the Professional Standards Committee met as part of the TACP meeting, and announced the Tennessee law enforcement agencies that have achieved and maintained accreditation through the TLEA Program.


TACP Annual Conference to Focus on Use of Force

By  Halie Gallik | 10/6/2020 8:00 am

The Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police (TACP) will focus on the topic of use of force during its annual training conference, which will be held Oct. 14 - 16. Attorney Eric Daigle of the Daigle Law Group will be providing the bulk of this training, with Public Entity Partners filling the role of training sponsor.


Tennessee Department of Health MOU Update

5/28/2020 4:00 pm

Last month, PE Partners shared with our members the Memorandum of Understanding between the Tennessee Department of Health and local law enforcement about protected health information regarding COVID-19 cases. The legal counsel for the COVID-19 Unified Command & Economic Recovery Group has provided an update to that memorandum, which was shared by the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police to all police chiefs in the state. Please keep in mind the importance of safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of any PHI to which your organization may have had access.


COVID-19 Resources through PE Partners’ Local Gov Risk Academy

4/30/2020 4:00 pm

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, PE Partners’ loss control department has worked to provide additional resources to aid our members and their employees. Along with the existing courses available through our Local Gov Risk Academy, members have access to 23 additional training videos to assist with planning for and responding to the current pandemic. Many of the videos are aimed at law enforcement and first responders.