Workers' Compensation Webinar

2/8/2024 7:15 am

Public Entity Partners continues its Partnering for Success Webinar Series with its first 2024 session on Feb. 28. This presentation will be led by our very own Sarah Curtis, Loss Control Training Consultant, and Debbie Yeager, Member Services Representative, as they present “Workers’ Compensation: Protecting Your Employees and Operations.”


Why You Need a Property Conservation Program

By  George Dalton | 1/11/2024 6:50 am

As many of you know, we are experiencing one of the hardest property insurance markets in decades. This market is characterized by a period of increased scrutiny and stricter underwriting standards by insurers and reinsurers.


Winter Weather Risks Property Loss Prevention

By  Carly Salah | 12/7/2023 7:45 am

In our previous newsletter, it was shared that we are currently in a hard property insurance market. This market is characterized by a period of increased scrutiny and stricter underwriting standards by insurers and reinsurers. During these times, obtaining insurance coverage becomes more challenging and property premiums tend to rise significantly. According to Business Insurance magazine, property rates saw a double-digit average increase earlier this year and North American property insurance buyers will see continued property insurance rate hikes in 2024.


Portable Heater Safety

By  Andy Lacewell | 12/7/2023 7:25 am

Now that cold weather has arrived, the use of portable and fixed space heaters increases, along with the risk of structural fires. Although safety standards and features, such as automatic cutoff devices, have been added to portable heaters over the years, the misuse of these devices can lead to property loss, injury and death.


Cold Weather Work Environments

By  Heather Sturtz | 11/2/2023 6:25 am

Many of Public Entity Partners’ members have employees who cannot avoid working in cold conditions. Some of these include construction, police, fire, emergency responders, trucking, road repair, utility repair and many more


Workers' Compensation Training Nov. 2

By  Heather Sturtz | 11/2/2023 6:05 am

The final installment of the Public Entity Partners and MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service) risk management series will be held on Nov. 2. This session will cover “Workers’ Compensation: Protecting Your Employees and Your Operations.”


Risk Management and Workers' Compensation Training

By  Heather Sturtz | 10/5/2023 6:20 am

Identifying, managing and mitigating risk is everyone’s responsibility. When these are effectively implemented and regularly applied, they can save your organization money.


Property Conservation Grant Launching August 31

By  Heather Sturtz | 8/3/2023 6:40 am

Public Entity Partners members know that as stewards of public tax dollars, you are tasked with protecting and preserving public facilities. To help members in this endeavor, PEP offers the Property Conservation Grant.


PEP to Host Supervisor Training in the Fall

By  Heather Sturtz | 7/13/2023 7:00 am

This fall, Public Entity Partners will be presenting a training series entitled Managing Risk Through Effective Supervision. This opportunity is designed specifically for first-line supervisors and their role in creating a culture of safety. Additional session topics will include the positive impact of effective communication and the importance of motivating your team through constructive leadership while also being a productive manager.


Online Portal Makes Claims Easier

By  Callie Westerfield | 6/8/2023 7:20 am

Public Entity Partners is committed to providing the most complete and comprehensive way for members to manage claims and build a risk management program. We utilize Origami Risk, LLC as our online claims filing system through the PEP Member Portal.