Cyber Security

Multifactor Authentication: An Added Layer of Protection Against Cyberattacks

By  Halie Gallik | 7/2/2021 8:00 am

Every day we hear of a new cyberattack in the news. From private businesses to public infrastructure, utilities and banking institutions — no one is spared from this threat. Unfortunately, the strength of your password alone is not enough to protect your organization’s sensitive data and systems from a cyberattack. Multifactor authentication is a tool implemented by many companies and organizations to protect data, systems and financial information. Multifactor authentication creates an added layer of security by requiring the user to have a password, along with a secondary way to verify the user’s identity. This could be a code texted to your phone, a token that generates a PIN or even facial recognition.


No Immunity From Cyberattacks

By  Heather Hughes | 6/3/2021 1:00 pm

Last month’s ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline resulted in a halt to all pipeline operations, causing significant gasoline shortages across the Eastern U.S. and panic buying across the Southeast, including Tennessee. The pipeline stretches 5,500 miles across 13 states and Washington D.C., and carries nearly half of the East Coast’s fuel supply — approximately 2.5 million barrels per day.


2021 Cybersecurity Spring Cleaning Checklist

By  Michael Aliperti, MS-ISAC Chair | 4/12/2021 1:40 pm

Spring is not just a good time for cleaning your house or apartment, it’s also a good time to clean up your technology and cyber footprint. Throughout the year, especially around the holidays and during tax season, you extend your cyber footprint by paying bills, shopping, using social media, and many other digital activities whether for business or pleasure. Spring cleaning your space is meant to improve the air quality after having it closed up all winter, and cleaning can improve your mood and remove a year’s worth of clutter. Cleaning your technology and cyber footprint can do the same thing; it removes clutter from your life while at the same time protecting you and your loved ones.


What You Need to Know About Ransomware

By  Michael Aliperti, MS-ISAC Chair | 4/12/2021 1:30 pm

Ransomware is a growing and expensive problem. In 2019, the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) observed a 153% increase in the number of reported state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) government ransomware attacks from the previous year. Many of these incidents resulted in significant network downtime, delayed services to constituents, and costly remediation efforts.


Water & Wastewater Cyberattacks: A Case Study

By  Halie Gallik | 3/3/2021 8:00 pm

On Feb. 5, 2021, unidentified cyber actors obtained unauthorized access, on two separate occasions, approximately five hours apart, to the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system used at a municipal water treatment plant in Florida. The unidentified actors accessed the SCADA system’s software and raised the amount of sodium hydroxide, a caustic chemical, being used as part of the water treatment process.


National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By  Heather Hughes | 10/6/2020 8:00 am

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and kicks off with “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”


Ransomware Continues to Infect Computer Systems

6/25/2020 4:00 pm

Cyber security is a hot topic that is here to stay. Being locked out of your computer system and files, and the potential financial implications of notifying individuals whose data may have been impacted, can devastate any organization’s budget.