Member Services

PEP Welcomes Kelley Wandell

By  Heather Sturtz | 8/3/2023 5:45 am

Public Entity Partners is pleased to welcome Kelley Wandell as our new East Tennessee Member Services Representative.


2023 Risk & Insurance Symposium Topics

By  Heather Sturtz | 6/8/2023 7:10 am

We are less than three months away from Public Entity Partners’ Risk & Insurance Symposium, to be held Aug. 23-25 at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs. This three-day event is open to all PE Partners members and agents.


Flag Etiquette: How to Respect our National Symbol

By  Heather Sturtz | 6/8/2023 7:05 am

Most of Public Entity Partners’ members proudly display the American flag at their entities. A symbol of unity, pride and honor, the flag represents the ideals, values, history and people of our nation. It is important to treat the flag with respect and dignity.


Deadline Approaching for July 1 Renewals

4/6/2023 7:25 am

For many members, July 1 is the renewal date for liability, property or workers’ compensation coverage. Providing the right coverage for your organization is important to us. Our underwriting department carefully evaluates each member’s operational exposures and losses to provide the most complete coverage for your entity.


EHS Hero - Safety Professionals' Timesaver

By  Heather Hughes | 4/6/2023 7:10 am

Public Entity Partners provides our members with a free resource to help them manage their safety programs. Whether you’re looking for a recent regulatory change, need to tweak a safety plan or are planning for safety, EHS Hero® (Environmental Health & Safety) has you covered. This platform can perform the regulatory research and prep work for you.


PEP Celebrates 43rd Anniversary

By  Heather Hughes | 11/10/2022 12:50 pm

In October 1979, the City of Hendersonville and the City of Athens entered into an interlocal agreement to cooperatively manage their claims exposures and costs, which created the entity that today is known as Public Entity Partners (PEP). Our organization was one of the first statewide municipal liability pools established in the nation. Forty-three years later, Public Entity Partners works with more than 500 members representing more than 90% of non-self-insured Tennessee municipalities.


Partnering for Success Webinars Continue

11/10/2022 12:40 pm

Public Entity Partners’ annual Partnering for Success Webinar Series is designed to increase knowledge of current risk management exposures and provide helpful information on topics that are important for public entities. These webinars are free for PE Partners members.


The Local Government Liability Balancing Act

10/6/2022 5:20 am

Municipalities within the State of Tennessee provide vital services to their citizens. City employees are faced with tough decisions every day about what services to provide, how to provide those services, and how to best manage taxpayer dollars.


Member Satisfaction Survey

By  Heather Hughes | 8/4/2022 7:30 am

Public Entity Partners recently emailed an electronic member satisfaction survey. Your feedback is very important to us and helps provide insight into the value PE Partners brings to your entity.