Municipal Sewer System

Four Steps for Creating an Effective Sewer Backup and Overflow Prevention Program

By  Halie Gallik | 3/3/2021 8:00 pm

It’s an unfortunate reality that, from time to time, entities that operate sewer systems will experience a backup or overflow event. When this happens, do your employees and elected officials know how to respond? Do you know who is responsible for property damage? And do you understand what liability coverage is in place to protect your entity from lawsuits or claims? Four key steps can help you create an effective backup and overflow prevention program, and manage the liability associated with your sewer system.


COVID-19 and Municipal Sewer Systems

5/28/2020 4:00 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges over the past several months, but a unique challenge to wastewater collection systems has been the toilet paper shortages. Although the supply chains have largely improved since the initial shortages, there has been an increased use of paper towels, napkins and “flushable” wipes as alternatives to toilet paper. Unfortunately, these products can cause extensive damage to municipal wastewater collection systems since they do not break down at the same rate as toilet paper.