Board of Directors

PEP Celebrates 43rd Anniversary

By  Heather Hughes | 11/10/2022 12:50 pm

In October 1979, the City of Hendersonville and the City of Athens entered into an interlocal agreement to cooperatively manage their claims exposures and costs, which created the entity that today is known as Public Entity Partners (PEP). Our organization was one of the first statewide municipal liability pools established in the nation. Forty-three years later, Public Entity Partners works with more than 500 members representing more than 90% of non-self-insured Tennessee municipalities.


Board of Directors Accepting Nominations

By  Halie Gallik | 8/4/2022 7:30 am

The Board of Directors of Public Entity Partners is currently accepting nominations for an open Board of Directors seat. Elected officials or city administrators/managers affiliated with current Public Entity Partners members are eligible for nomination.


2022-2023 Rates, Coverages and Dividends

By  Heather Hughes | 3/3/2022 7:00 am

Public Entity Partners’ Board of Directors met in February to determine rates, coverage changes and dividends for the upcoming policy year.


Board of Directors Approves Bylaw Changes

3/3/2022 7:00 am

As part of our ongoing commitment to the citizens of Tennessee and members of our organization, we recently proposed a few changes to Public Entity Partners’ bylaws, which have now been voted on and approved by our Board of Directors.