Coverage Corner

  • Author | Halie Gallik
  • 11/2/2021 8:00 am


Making sure your entity’s coverage fits your exposures is a top priority. Each year when your liability, property or workers’ compensation policies renew, we ask you to supply the information necessary to evaluate your exposures, provide the coverage you need, and tailor your premium based upon that information. 

Over the course of the year, your entity may add equipment, personnel or services that can change your need for coverage. Be sure to notify your underwriter during your policy period if:

  •  You need to add a new location to your property schedule (the property policy has a 60-day reporting requirement)
  •  You want to add a vehicle that is valued at more than $100,000
  • You need to add a piece of mobile equipment valued at $50,000 or greater that needs to be scheduled, or would require an increase in your blanket limit
  • You start a new department or service area for your citizens
  • You sign a new interlocal agreement
  • You complete CALEA or TLEA accreditation in your police department
  • You are approved as a Tennessee Drug Free Workplace
  • You renovate or expand a location
  • You are entering into any contracts with insurance limits or named insured status requirements 

Generally, you do not need to alert underwriting during the policy period if:

  • You hire more staff or if staff members leave (this exposure will be picked up during the Workers’ Compensation audit)
  • You add a vehicle valued at less than $100,000 (if you already have auto liability or physical damage coverage)
  • You add mobile equipment valued at less than $50,000
  • You add additional sewer or street miles


It’s always a good idea to review the choices you have made about coverage, limits and deductibles each year. Your local insurance agent can help you make choices about your coverage, and your underwriter can help provide insight into the coverages we provide and how they can apply to your operations.

You can reach out at any time to:

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