Mutual Aid vs. Interlocal Agreements Webinar

  • Author | Heather Hughes
  • 4/6/2023 7:15 am

Public Entity Partners’ Partnering for Success Webinar Series will continue on April 27 with “Mutual Aid vs. Interlocal Agreements,” presented by Ross V. Smith, attorney at Farrar & Bates, LLP.


Tennessee statute allows cities to share resources when an unforeseeable and unpredictable situation requires resources beyond what is available to handle any given situation. In these situations, the statute allows one entity to respond to another without a written agreement if the request for assistance comes through the appropriate official or the emergency communications dispatch center. The challenge is ensuring your city collectively agrees with the dispatch center regarding when and under what circumstances your resources should be sent outside the corporate limits.


Join us as we discuss the differences between mutual aid and interlocal agreements, along with the best practices for assuring your city is protected under the liability agreement.


To register for this webinar, please CLICK HERE. For more information on this webinar or the Partnering for Success Webinar Series, please contact Heather Hughes at