March Partnering for Success Webinar

  • Author | Halie Gallik
  • 3/4/2021 8:00 am

If your organization operates a water or wastewater collection system, having a sewer backup prevention and response plan is critical to your risk management efforts. Please take time to register for the upcoming webinar, “Managing Sewer Backup and Overflow Claims,” on March 31 at 1:30 p.m. CST / 2:30 EST. To register, visit Partnering for Success Webinar Series Public Entity Partners | Public Entity Partners | Franklin TN (  

Judy Housley, east Tennessee casualty loss control consultant, will be presenting the session.

This session will cover the steps necessary for creating a program that will help serve your utility customers and also protect your entity from liability. These steps include documentation of complaints, mapping of your system, tracking work orders for repairs, and employee education regarding their responsibilities during a sewer backup or overflow event.

If you have questions about the webinar, please contact

Heather Hughes

Communications & Research Specialist

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