Message From the President - January 2021

  • Author | Michael Fann
  • 1/8/2021 8:00 am

Message from the President

In July of 2020, Public Entity Partners’ leadership team, in conjunction with our Board of Directors, began a strategic planning process. In December, the Board of Directors approved and adopted revised vision and mission statements and organizational values. These components of the strategic plan represent the cultural core of our organization, and will guide and define the programs and services Public Entity Partners seeks to provide to members in the coming years.
Our Vision
Making a difference in the lives of Tennessee public entity employees and the citizens they serve.
Our Mission
We partner with Tennessee governmental entities in providing effective risk management products and services with a commitment to member best interest.
Service, Integrity, Stewardship, Inclusiveness, Quality
In addition to establishing our vision, mission and values, Public Entity Partners set out to clearly define five priorities to work toward over the next couple of years: organizational culture, stakeholder relations, change management, financial management, and high-value products and services. These priorities will help guide our continuing evaluation of the programs and services we offer to our members to ensure each fits within the framework developed by our Board of Directors. 
Now that we have entered 2021, we begin our efforts to accomplish the vision and mission laid out by our Board. In addition, we greatly look forward to continuing to partner with you and provide you with the very best risk management resources for serving the citizens of Tennessee.

Stay safe,

Michael G. Fann