Message From the President - May 2020

  • 5/28/2020 4:00 pm

Message from the President — May 2020

As a risk sharing pool, we talk frequently about the partnership we share with our members. That partnership begins with the service of our Board of Directors and extends to every interaction we have with our members. Our Board of Directors is composed of mayors, city administrators and managers from across the state, and ensures that PE Partners continues to value what is most important — the work our members do each and every day serving Tennessee’s citizens.

While much has happened over the last several months, we continue to recognize the partnership we have shared with members over the last 40 years. We are working to weigh the impacts of the current pandemic on our operations and carefully evaluate the best ways to serve our members.

We recently shared the declaration of an Emergency Relief Dividend, and have continued to update loss control resources and recommendations related to COVID-19. We are looking forward to resuming normal operations with health and safety in mind. While it is not yet possible to make final determinations on how COVID-19 will impact programs we offer in late summer, such as our annual Risk & Insurance Symposium, we will continue to monitor the situation. After careful thought and consideration, we intend to make a final determination in late June. If the event is cancelled, we intend to make content available through webinars so that our members can stay up-to-date on the risk management topics that are scheduled to be presented.

In addition, in this newsletter, you will find an update to the information shared last month regarding the Memorandum of Understanding that law enforcement agencies were able to enter into with the Department of Health regarding disclosure of protected health information.

We appreciate the work you do as local government employees and elected officials, and thank you for your partnership.

Stay safe!

Charles DeMore
President / CEO