Message From the President - November 2020

  • Author | Michael Fann
  • 11/6/2020 8:00 am

Message from the President

Public Entity Partners is working hard to make a difference in your community through the risk management services we provide. We are primarily a public service organization that also happens to provide a financial mechanism for paying claims.
In mid-October, we held a joint Board of Directors / leadership team strategic planning retreat. The goal of this retreat was to hit the reset button and hear directly from our board — which is made up of city managers and elected officials from across the state — to ensure that the vision, mission and values our organization holds dear are in line with the expectations of our members. 
You will notice a deliberate theme in what you will hear from our staff and read in our materials — that as we enter our 41st year of partnering with members, we intend to ensure that our organization is a member-focused service organization.
In the theme of resetting, we are taking the time to evaluate how we operate, and are also working to ensure that we are positioned to best serve our members. We are focusing our resources where our members are experiencing losses, and that continues to be lawsuits surrounding employment practices, law enforcement liability and auto accidents.
On November 2nd, we launched our Police Risk Management Scholarship that covers the course costs for a 2-day use of force, de-escalation, decision-making class that includes a state-of-the-art 300-degree simulator. Public Entity Partners is committed to helping you provide the cutting-edge, high-quality education and training your officers deserve as they navigate the challenges of serving and protecting our home communities.
We also recently began providing access to EHS Hero and HR Hero, powered by Business & Legal Resources (BLR). EHS Hero provides members with resources for keeping employees safe, while HR Hero provides resources for keeping you in compliance. Resources include toolbox talks, a safety plan builder, an employee handbook builder, and safety data sheets. 

 In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find a critical notice regarding workers’ compensation claims filing. Please take the time to ensure that the team member who is responsible for filing workers’ compensation claims understands the importance of filing them within one (1) business day of notification by an injured employee, and of having thorough and complete information to submit to our claims department.
I encourage you to reach out to any of our team members and ask them about what Public Entity Partners is doing to hit reset and ensure we are providing meaningful ways to make a difference in your community.    
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Stay Safe,

Michael G. Fann