Risk Library Updates Available in Member Portal

  • Author | Heather Hughes
  • 4/7/2022 8:00 am

Risk Library Updates Available in Member Portal 


Public Entity Partners’ member portal on our website provides access to numerous helpful resources, including our risk library. We have recently added three new loss control guidelines to the risk library and have updated a few others. These guidelines are designed to address common risk exposures, including legal references/guides, along with model policies and samples we have developed or received from some of our members. 


The new documents include “The Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program – Is Your Testing Program Legally Defendable?” (which can be found in General Risk Management). This document specifically addresses the legality of drug testing programs for local government employers.


We have also added “Inspection of Public Facilities,” which explains the necessity of a routine inspection program. In Sample Forms & Policies, we have included a sample Work Order form used by the City of Jefferson City, a sample Parks and Playground Inspection form, a Volunteer Application form and a Take Home Vehicle Policy


Updated documents available on the website include the Property Inspection form, Recreation League Facility Use and Hold Harmless Agreement and the Model Contract, and Body Armor or Bulletproof Vest Guidance.


If you have used any of these resources as a guide for creating your own documents, now would be a good time to review the updated materials. Public Entity Partners offers these resources as reference material only; therefore, it is always best to seek the advice of your entity’s attorney prior to adopting any policies, procedures or applications as circumstances can vary from entity to entity.


Should you have questions about loss control guidelines, you can reach out to either your property conservation consultant or your casualty loss control consultant for more information.