Risk Management & Coronavirus

  • 6/25/2020 4:00 pm

Risk Management and Coronavirus

Many businesses and organizations are working to resume more regular activities as we continue to battle COVID-19, but it is still critically important to have clear safety procedures in place to protect your employees — and members of the community with whom your employees have contact.

On July 1, Judy Housley, PE Partners’ East Tennessee casualty loss control consultant, will participate in a TRPA (Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association) Talking-Live webinar, “Coping with COVID in Recreation and Parks.” TRPA Talking-Live is a weekly online meeting for Tennessee Parks and Recreation professionals.

“Tennessee’s numbers continue to rise, so the basics of handwashing, using hand sanitizer, maintaining six feet for social distancing, and utilizing general cleaning procedures are all things we reiterate each time we talk with Parks and Recreation programs,” said Candi Rawlins, executive director of TRPA.

TRPA offers extensive reopening guidance in their Resource Center that is supported by CDC guidelines and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). Across Tennessee, each community’s comfort level with reopening certain parks and recreation facilities varies, but it is critical for each organization to think through and prepare for how you reopen summer camps, parks and recreation facilities, and community centers.

For summer camps, social distancing with children can be very challenging. TRPA is recommending basic precautions, such as temperature checks, no food service, and prepackaged snacks, in addition to the NRPA and CDC guidelines for summer camps.

Playgrounds and splash pads continue to be a challenge for regular sanitization.

Tennessee Pledge Guidelines from Gov. Lee’s Economic Recovery Group related to Parks and Recreation include: