Top Five Reasons to Choose PEP

  • Author | Halie Gallik
  • 7/7/2022 7:00 am

Top Five Reasons You Should Choose Public Entity Partners as Your Risk Management Partner

Ever wondered what sets Public Entity Partners apart from the competition? Here are the top five reasons you should choose us as your risk management partner.

  1. Your Experience with our Team - We’ve partnered with members for more than 40 years to provide the absolute best in risk management products and services. Our team members have devoted their careers to working with and for local governments throughout Tennessee. 
  2. Our Coverages - Our coverages are developed to meet the needs of local governments. We understand the liability issues that you face and are here to help you.
  3. Training & Education - We provide extensive training to members — in-person, online and through regional events.
  4. Stability in Pricing - We understand how important it is for you to be able to budget your costs. Our underwriting department works hard to ensure we are able to offer our members stable and consistent pricing.
  5. Dividend Program - When our Board of Directors declares a dividend, that money goes straight back to members — not to outside stockholders. Our members created our program, set the direction of our programs through our board of directors and benefit from the success of our partnership.