Workers' Compensation Audits

  • Author | Halie Gallik
  • 8/3/2023 6:35 am

At the conclusion of each policy period, Public Entity Partners conducts an annual Workers’ Compensation Audit of members’ annual payrolls for the expiring policy period. The third-party vendor used to conduct this audit is Research Technical Services, Inc. (RTS). RTS will reach out to the designated Workers’ Compensation contact via email to initiate the scheduling of your entity’s audit. These audits may be conducted in person to review payroll records or can be completed remotely to collect the needed information.

It is your responsibility as a policyholder to meet with the auditor and provide the information and records needed to perform the audit. Once you have received the letter, if you have any questions concerning your entity’s audit, you can reach out to the auditor directly or contact Aliyah Turner, PE Partners underwriting associate, at or 615.373.4791.

The audit is an important way to make sure your entity's workers’ compensation insurance premium is accurate and is based on standard payroll and accounting records.

The workers’ compensation policy is written based on estimated premium. The audit obtains and verifies information necessary to calculate the actual premium for the policy period. Policy premiums are calculated according to the amount of salary, wages or compensation your entity paid during the policy period. Based on the results of your entity’s audit, your annual premium will be adjusted with an additional premium for increased payroll or with a return of premium for decreased payroll during the policy period.

The following is a general list of salary, wages and compensation used to calculate premium:

  • Gross payroll, commissions, bonuses
  • Extra pay for overtime (although a portion of overtime may be excluded)
  • Pay for holidays, vacations, sick days
  • Payment on any basis other than time worked (piecework, incentive)
  • Rental value of living quarters, if provided 

For questions or concerns about your entity’s workers’ compensation audit or policy, please contact Ms. Turner, PE Partners underwriting associate, or your underwriter.