TACP Annual Conference to Focus on Use of Force

  • Author | Halie Gallik
  • 10/6/2020 8:00 am

The Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police (TACP) will focus on the topic of use of force during its annual training conference, which will be held Oct. 14 - 16. Attorney Eric Daigle of the Daigle Law Group will be providing the bulk of this training, with Public Entity Partners filling the role of training sponsor.


Today, more than ever, law enforcement organizations are faced with challenges to current policies and training, and how they relate to use of force. This year’s conference topics will cover related policies, training, de-escalation, crowd and community interaction, and the First Amendment.


“As an association, working together, we must continue to educate ourselves in order to better protect our communities,” said Maggi Duncan, TACP executive director. “The TACP is also working to structure this conference to fulfill the training directives set forth by Governor Lee.”

In July, Gov. Bill Lee announced a partnership with TACP and other law enforcement agencies to enhance policies, improve information sharing and increase officer training. 

“The intent of this partnership is the desire to ensure law enforcement are consistently reflecting the values of the communities they serve,” said Gov. Lee. “Horrifying, preventable events across the nation have challenged us all to confront the difference between law enforcement and police brutality, and also challenged us to examine troubling, inconsistent citizen experiences with law enforcement. I am proud of our law enforcement agencies for spearheading efforts to ensure Tennesseans’ rights, dignity and humanity are at the forefront of policing.”

While a majority of law enforcement agencies within the state have already reviewed and updated their use of force and duty to intervene policies, the MTAS Police Management Consultants, Public Entity Partners’ casualty loss control consultants, and TACP are working to ensure each agency is in compliance with the governor’s directives.

Public Entity Partners works closely with law enforcement agencies across the state to provide best practice recommendations and training, and insures nearly 250 of Tennessee’s police agencies, representing more than 4,500 police officers. Each law enforcement agency that receives law enforcement liability coverage through Public Entity Partners has been contacted by the loss control department. In addition, compliance with the governor’s directives will also be under consideration in the underwriting process.


TACP has provided a model use of force and duty to intervene policy, and MTAS has provided an updated model law enforcement policy for small- to medium-sized agencies. Something that should not be overlooked is the responsibility to train each of your officers as to what these policies include. We encourage you to reach out to MTAS or TACP about these policies.



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