PEP's Extensive Training Program for Members

  • 2/8/2024 7:10 am

Public Entity Partners strongly invests in providing our members with numerous training opportunities throughout the year to help improve employee safety, reduce liability and preserve public resources. These opportunities include in-person training, webinars, our annual Risk & Insurance Symposium, online training and scholarships for various risk management educational opportunities. 

In 2023, PE Partners and MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service) joined together to present a special virtual educational series on risk management. This four-part series, led by Sarah Curtis, PE Partners’ Loss Control Training Consultant, educated participants about the most common risk exposures faced by public entities and how they could utilize best practices to minimize risk for their organizations. 

In February last year, Curtis presented the first workshop, Developing a Culture of Safety, for city employees. The workshop enabled participants to discuss solutions for weaving loss prevention strategies into the culture of an organization, while also engaging their entity’s employees in the process. A second workshop open only to elected officials was presented in March. Participants learned how they can help lead loss prevention strategies and solutions within their cities and towns. 

A Property Conservation: Protecting Your Assets workshop, held in May, focused on the most common property risks, and offered guidance on minimizing risk and protecting public assets. In September, Curtis presented Liability: Reducing Your Exposure about some of the most common exposures, along with best practices for mitigating risks and minimizing the impact of loss. The final workshop of the series, Workers’ Compensation: Protecting Your Employees and Your Operations, was held in November, and provided participants with steps to properly manage workers’ compensation claims and ensure the best possible outcomes for their employees and organizations. 

“PE Partners was excited to offer these opportunities for reaching municipalities and furthering their knowledge in risk management best practices,” Curtis said. “We were also proud to partner with MTAS to reach as many city employees as possible.” 

In the fall of 2023, PEP presented Managing Risk Through Effective Supervision in nine cities across the state, with nearly 400 member supervisors in attendance. This opportunity was designed for first-time supervisors and their roles in creating a culture of safety. Respectful Workplace training was held in 13 cities throughout the year, with nearly 800 attendees. 

Additional in-person training sessions and webinars provided in 2023 ranged from Civility to Work Zone/Flagging, along with topics on conflict, performance management, managing at all levels, personnel policies, police retention/recruitment and numerous others. 

Throughout 2023, PE Partners provided 109 in-person training sessions across Tennessee, representing 228 hours of training, with an attendance of 4,133 participants. In addition to Curtis, in-person training was provided by Chester Darden, Director of Loss Control; Paul Chambliss, Casualty Loss Control Consultant (West Tennessee); and George Dalton, Executive Vice President. 

PE Partners’ Loss Control Training Program’s in-person training is offered onsite at your location. The classes may be tailored to address your entity’s own loss experience or a timely topic. They can also be customized for specific needs or departments, such as supervisors, police, public works, or general administration. 

To learn more about PE Partners’ training program or to request a training session for your organization, CLICK HERE or contact Sarah Curtis at