Planning A Fireworks Display?

  • Author | Heather Hughes
  • 6/9/2022 8:00 am

Is Your Entity Planning a Fireworks Display This Summer? 


Now that the summer months are upon us, many municipalities across Tennessee are planning community-wide fireworks displays. Did you know that these events are not automatically covered under your entity’s liability policy?


PE Partners members planning to conduct a fireworks display are required to complete the underwriting department’s Fireworks Application Checklist and Affidavit in order to secure coverage for a public fireworks display. In addition to your entity, this coverage extends to your volunteers and employees, but not to sponsors or third-party contractors.


The Fireworks Checklist and Affidavit requirements are designed to mirror the state Fireworks Permit requirements and provide for public safety. This document is required whether your entity is holding a fireworks display conducted by a volunteer “professional” fireworks exhibitor or a “non-professional” displaying over-the-counter consumer fireworks.


If your entity’s fireworks display will be provided by a contracted exhibitor, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Insurance from the vendor naming your entity as an Additional Insured. This will ensure that sufficient liability coverage is provided for your entity’s police, fire and additional staff utilized by the contracted exhibitor.


If a private party or organization wants to host a fireworks display on municipal property, a liability policy that names your organization as Additional Insured should be required. Evidence of this policy should be provided through a Certificate of Insurance, but asking for a copy of the policy document is also good risk management practice.


As you plan your local holiday celebrations, please work to address liability exposures well in advance of the event. While there are many dangers associated with pyrotechnics, pre-planning and risk management can reduce the risk of injuries, accidents or uninsured losses.


The Fireworks Application, Checklist and Affidavit can be found in the Risk Library in Public Entity Partners’ online portal, or our underwriting department can provide a copy. If you have questions, please contact your underwriter.