Property Conservation Grant Currently Open

  • Author | Heather Hughes
  • 11/2/2021 8:00 am


The Public Entity (PE) Partners Grants & Scholarships Program invests in training, education and equipment to keep our public entity employees safe and help safeguard public resources. The Property Conservation Grant provides financial assistance to purchase items designed to protect insured property from a variety of covered perils. It is a 50% matching grant with a maximum reimbursement based on your organization’s classification matrix rating.

Some of the eligible equipment items this grant supports include:

  • Security cameras and fencing
  • Lightning attenuation systems
  • Protective steel bollards to reduce motor vehicle damage to facilities
  • Infrared thermography
  • Sprinkler head protective cages

Grant funds may also be used for:

  • Recommended loss prevention/control items identified by property conservation loss control surveys
  • Transformer oil and gas testing recommendations to electric utilities generated by a transformer oil or gas analysis (TOGA) program
  • Transformer oil and gas testing recommendations to electric utilities to address deficiencies or maintenance recommendations generated by infrared thermography inspections

Also eligible are:

  • Computer network security hardening technologies or devices that are designed to protect computers, computer accessories or other cyber-related member-owned assets (first-party exposures) that can be damaged or stolen digitally

Your computer hardware, systems, network, and even some of the information contained therein are your property, and should be protected from theft, alteration/modification and destruction. In some situations, unauthorized access to your computer network could put your organization at risk for the cyber theft of first-party public funds. In addition, the theft, altercation/modification or destruction of digital “receivables” documents could even affect the funds that are due to the public entity, which could, in turn, negatively affect public finances.

This grant assists eligible members with purchasing cyber security products and services designed to protect the physical and digital computer network assets owned by the public entity. Examples of eligible products and services include:

  • Cyber risk management consulting services
  • Anti-virus computer security suite software/services
  • Penetration testing software/services
  • Patch management software/services
  • Data backup software/services
  • Employee cyber security training
  • Computer hardware/software designed to prevent unauthorized access to the computer network

The application must be completed no later than Nov. 19, 2021. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Please click here to begin the application process.

For more information about PE Partners’ Grants and Scholarships Program, please click here or contact:

Tahtia Mitchell
Grant & Scholarship Program