PEP Launches New Cyber Security Partners Grant

  • Author | Tahtia Mitchell, Loss Control Specialist
  • 12/9/2022 7:05 am

Applications are now being accepted through January 20th

Because many local governments lack strategies and tools for preventing cyber crimes and are vulnerable to successful cyberattacks, Public Entity Partners is now offering a new Cyber Security Partners Matching Grant Program. 

This 50/50 matching grant program assists eligible members with general liability coverage for purchasing cyber security tools, training and services designed to protect members from ransomware and social engineering. This program will also increase members’ ability to qualify for Cyber Extension Coverage. 

Grant applications are currently being accepted through January 20th. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received, so submit your application quickly. 

Examples of eligible Cyber Security items and services include: 

  • Employee training designed to assist employees in:

o   identifying and protecting sensitive information;

o   recognizing fraudulent emails and/or emails with dangerous links; and

o   recognizing social engineering tactics that can lead to loss. 

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for:

o   access to email;

o   remote access to computers and servers; and

o   access to administrative accounts. 

  • Data backup and disaster recovery, with the requirement of storing two backup copies onto different storage media and in different off-site locations. 
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to protect against malware and phishing attacks, and to monitor your network and systems for abnormal or suspicious activities. 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) that focuses on a single "endpoint device," such as a server or computer. EDR looks for threats that may have infiltrated a municipality's device by watching for suspicious activity. 

To view eligibility criteria and apply, please click here or visit our website at For questions regarding the Cyber Security Partners Matching Grant Program or PE Partners’ Grants & Scholarships Program, please contact Tahtia Mitchell at or by calling 1.800.624.9698.